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Woman in the Lake part 2

I just finished part two of Woman in the Lake, Sorry it took so long, but now I'm on a roll so part three should be coming soon.

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The Woman in the Lake part 2
Alexandra Wright
996 words

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The party was quickly coming to a close. The bonfire that had once been a massive fire giving off such extreme heat was now only a smoldering mass of coals. The Thirteen looked around anxiously as the other revelers shot them pitying glances or pat them on the back and left taking with them the light from their cars’ headlights.

“Well, we should probably build up the fire again.” Craig shivered as a sudden gust of cool October wind. Seeing the suspicious glance of some of The Thirteen, he quickly added “it’s not against the rules. Once we get here there are no rules except that if you leave you forfeit and you can’t have any cars. Having a fire is ok. My brother –“

Everyone groaned. Craig was always mentioning his half-brother like a B-list celeb dropping the name of an A-lister. It didn’t help that most the students at Old Towne High School worshiped Camden, and Craig was always trying to collect the extra adoration.

“Well, whatever the rules say, I agree with him” said Violet stretching on the log she was using as a seat exposing the new tattoo that was just peaking over the top of her mini skirt.

Molly whispered to Ashley “Seriously how cliché, the bad girl with a skanky tattoo. Who would believe that she was 18 anyway? She must have had to bribe the artist to do it”

Ashley snickered and responded with a voice rising in volume so that the whole group could hear her “or she put a spell on him”

That caused everyone except Violet, Shane and Donavan to laugh and whisper.

“If anyone were to put a spell on anyone it would be Creepy Moll” Shane snapped defending the honor of his girlfriend.

Molly and Ashley jumped up and started yelling at Shane while he and the rest of his group just looked on with disinterest. Violet actually yawned.

“Seriously guys, make love not war dude.”

Ashley rolled her eyes at Aiden “Shut up, no one asked your opinion.”

“Nowhere in the rules does it say that we all have to be together either so” Samantha trailed off when she noticed that everyone was staring at her. Most of them hadn’t heard the new girl speak before. She started again a little less sure of herself “Besides you don’t have to stay if you don’t want”

Aiden and Van bust out laughing “looks like the new girl has some balls. I think I’m in love” Aiden wheezed out as soon as he stopped laughing.

Samantha rolled her eyes but in the light of the glowing embers everyone could tell she was blushing.

“Dude, where did  E go?” Said Paul referring to Erich Smith and Eric Johnson.
His girlfriend Claire shrugged and responded. “What does it matter? They’re gone. Who Care”

Everyone looked around and shrugged, it didn’t matter but it was a little strange, neither Eric(h) were scared easily. That collective thought made The Thirteen, now down to eleven, shiver.
Samantha watched the others as they sat around the dying fire. She wondered why she had been allowed to be one of The Thirteen. She was not from here. The legend meant nothing to her. She watched Violet, Shane and Donavan. They were slightly apart from the others but the others seemed to have some sort of respect for them despite the bitchy comments Ashley and Molly made. Sam and everyone else knew that those two were just bitchy to everyone. Sam admired the way Violet moved. She was graceful and feline like, her long legs tucked under herself modestly and arms wrapped up in the dark purple cashmere sweater that complimented her light green eyes. Her thick, long black hair fell around her shoulders effortlessly despite the wind and the fact that they had all been outside for the last six hours. Violet looked up and noticed Sam staring at her and raised an eyebrow and then beckoned her over.

“Why don’t you come sit with us?” she patted empty space on the log between her and her cousin “You look cold Donavan can give you his coat.”

As Sam made her way over and Donovan slung the expensive looking Leather coat over her shoulders she could still feel his warmth on the soft lining. She blushed slightly. Everyone’s eyes were on her she could feel her blush deepen. She wished this night would be over soon. She wanted to melt back into obscurity but she doubted that that would happen now. She would always be known as one of The Thirteen and the only outsider allowed into Violet’s exclusive group where the only requirement was the right blood, which she did not have.

Ashley’s eyes narrowed. She could not believe that the new girl was catching the attention of Violet and the rest of the Old Bloods. She had been trying since she first became aware of the town’s hierarchy to gain access to that very exclusive group. The only people they socialized with were the other children of the town’s founding families. There was an urban legend that the families were cursed because of the death of the Great Storyteller, an old man that the town killed for a reason that was no longer remembered.  The sight of Craig bending over to build up the fire made her forget about the Old Bloods and the new girl.

She had always thought he was good looking, because of all the sports he played he had a great body and he was the only freshmen on the varsity football game, but he was a total ass and besides she was dating a junior that gave her more status than dating Craig would have. Craig shook his shaggy blond hair out of his eyes and turned to wink at her. So she had been caught admiring him. She winked back; maybe, they could sneak off together tonight. Her boyfriend would never have to know.

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