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Review: The Father's Child

Review: The Father's Child

Title: The Father’s Child
Author: Mark Adair
Publisher: Kindle Edition
Pages: 149
Rating: ***/*
Review Source: the author Mark Adair

Back of Book Synopsis: (From Goodreads)
John Truman, a bright, introverted, college student belongs to the New Dawn...he just doesn't know it yet. The 300-year-old, Oxford-based, secret society designed him, created him, and built their organization to interface with him. They cannot survive without him; he cannot survive without them. All he wants is a simple, normal life of hanging with his friends, succeeding in business, and living happily-ever-after with his childhood friend, Susan. All they to rule the world.

My Thoughts:
I am sort of a sucker for secret society books. I like the creepy and mysterious aspect that they provide and this book did not disappoint.  New Dawn had all of the makings of a Kool-Aid drinking cult.(Paul the comic relief character makes a joke about it)

The Father’s Child  starts at a party thrown by a group of friends known collectively as The Beatles because their names are John, Paul, and George (very cute) and we get to see a pretty good picture of the main characters personalities. John is shy, naive, and anxious and he has some sort of condition that causes him to have creepy visions. He is also super smart: he has a photographic memory and speaks latin all the time. Paul is very social and obsessed with women his thoughts are like tickertape of dirty thoughts, which was very amusing most of the time but sometimes it slowed the flow of the story.  . Susan makes an appearance at the party but we only know that John is in love with her and Paul thinks she is weird. George is the adventurous one and we only see him briefly as he is describing a spy adventure he had at a local pub. During the party, George gets kidnapped starting John Paul and Susan (with the later addition of Sam an FBI agent and Julia a former CIA agent and Paul’s love interest) on a wild adventure.

The only things I did not like about The Father’s Child  was that at first it started out kind of slow, it was sort of hard for me to figure out whether Paul or John were narrating (until I realized that they switched off pretty much every other chapter), and the timing of everything felt off at some parts. In John’s chapter it would say “after a few weeks” when in the previous chapter Paul is doing something that does not finish until the chapter after John’s and the events were only supposed to take place in an evening. But, I totally got sucked into the story after the rocky start, and I had to read it straight through to the end. There was a lot of action and I especially liked the fact that I did not know what the “right” side was.  There were a lot of twists and turns and I totally did not expect the conclusion. All in all, I really liked the story and the unique way that technology and religion combined to make such a creepy cult.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes science fiction, thrillers, or mysteries because it had a good amount of each.
I give it ***/*

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